>> How To Create The Perfect Wedding Advent Calendar <<

advent wedding calendar

The days leading up to a wedding can get a bit stressful... so that's why we came up with this idea: how to make a "Wedding Advent Calendar"! 
It works like the Christmas advent calendar where you open gifts for each day in the lead up to the event. The wedding calendar can be for as many days as you wish (or can afford). We think that one week of presents is the perfect amount. Wrap and label each gift with the particular day. Carefully curate 7 mini gifts that can inspire, relax and excited the bride for her big day.
Some great items to give in the advent calendar are Lip Gloss, Chocolates, Bath Bomb, A little photo album of photos of the bride with family and friends, items for honeymoon; Married flip flops or Personalised Passport Holder, Personalised necklace, Mini Bottle of champagne, Sleeping mask and Nail polish. The list goes on!


All you have to do is:
1) Get a medium sized cork board or blackboard.
2) Purchase our super cute matching packaging for each item to go in:

3) Pick what great gifts you want to give her.  A great option for this is to split the gift finding and giving up with the other bridesmaids.  This way not one person is doing all the work, and then it truly is a gift from all of you!
4) Pin each gift onto the board, in order (of course)! Make sure to include a cute number next to each item.
5) Taddaaaa you have a wedding advent calendar.  Let the countdown to her wedding begin!
Creating a Wedding Advent Calendar is super easy to make (and totally inexpensive, especially if all the bridesmaids help) and it's so cute!
Go on, give it a go!
Check out our Wedding Advent Calendar Kit Below: