Layaway Service

Layaway Service

The Nora & Katie layaway service is open all year. The service allows customers to leave a 20% deposit with the agreement that the balance will be paid within 4 weeks. 

The layaway service can be used in store and online. 20% of the product price is required to secure your item/ items. You have got 4 weeks from the initial date of purchase to pay up for an item unless otherwise agreed by a member of staff. 

Unfortunately sale items can not be bought through the layaway service. 

The layaway amount will be agreed at the beginning of the layaway and the balance cannot be paid during a promotion, event or sale.

Items brought through the layaway service cannot be returned for exchange or refund.

To pay the 20% deposit online at checkout, please use code DEPOSIT at checkout.  Please note, this is not a discount off your order but it is a code to pay a deposit. 
The use of the code DEPOSIT cannot be used for anything other than the layaway service. Items will be held in store until the balance has been paid in full. 

Breaking agreed terms - Items not fully paid and past the 4 weeks wilI be returned to shop floor. Money paid cannot be refunded.

Nora & Katie reserve the right to cancel orders at any time without notice. 
For any questions, please get in contact via email or talk to a member of staff in store.